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Dear Students!

You are all enrolled in HUMN 270, which is being taught this semester as “Data Visualization and DH”.  I know most of you already and I am excited to see you all again!

If you are curious to see what we will be doing, I have put together this website for the class.    Take a look!

The class is almost evenly split between humanists and CS students, which I think is great.  We will be talking about what constitutes data in the humanities and how you can put together your own data (if you haven’t already) and then visualize this in myriad ways.

We will be meeting in Coleman 220 which is a computer lab.  But please bring your laptops to class as well.

I am going to submit the paperwork for this to also count as a W2.  There will be short blog post assignments throughout the semester and also a final project.

So I will see you on Monday!  And if you know of anyone else who might be interested we have a few more spots..

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