Assignments and Grades


Assignment 1=10%

Assignment 2=20%

Assignment 3=10%

Assignment 4= 15%

Assignment 5= 20%

Each assignment incorporates both the mastery of a platform and a reflective blog post

Blog Posts

  • Overview & Objectives
  • In each module you will write a blog post that reflects on the process you have gone through to learn the tool, learn what it can and cannot do, what worked and what did not
  • You will use the digital platform of WordPress to submit your blog posts. You will be given a category to assign to your post for each instance and it will be posted to the appropriate menu (WP/Collaborative Writing Environment description)
  • You will incorporate your critical readings into each blog post


Visualization Tools

  • Overview, Objectives
  • In each module you will learn a  platform that will help you to visualize humanities data in the form of networks, relationships, and groupings.  Screenshots of your visualizations will be incorporated into the blog post for each module
  • Platforms (Voyant 2.0, Jigsaw, Gephi, Palladio)