Assignment 2

Assignment 2:


Using the same text corpus, create meaningful visualizations in the platforms  Jigsaw and  Voyant.

Write at least a 500 word post (and embed illustrative screenshots) that discusses

a) your corpus construction

b) your analytical visualizations in Voyant

c) your analytical visualizations in Jigsaw

d) a comparison between the two platforms, describing what the commonalities and particulars of each platform are, and how the design of each platform affords specific insights into your dataset

e) And finally, to what extent has this process of corpus construction and creation of iterative visualizations verified Tanya Clement’s observation that the use of a visualization platform “combines the video streams from these cameras, and the resulting images duplicate a multidimensional viewpoint. That we are aware it is a virtual reality keeps us mindful of the processes we use to produce it, but the experience of this encompassing vantage point allows for a feeling of justice or authenticity that is based on plausible complexities, not simplified and immutable truths.”

Post your completed blog to the course site by Wednesday, September 23 1pm under the category “Assignment 2”

Also, save your metadata Google doc/spreadsheet to the folder “Assignment 2 metadata”