Final Project

Final Project  = 25%

Your final project for this course will consist of:

  • The goal of the project is to design and implement a set of data visualizations that allows you to answer questions you have about some topic of your own choosing. You will acquire the data, design your visualization, implement it using modern web frameworks, and evaluate the results.  You may create your own public website for your final project using a WordPress frame or another platform you are familiar with.
  • This project will demonstrate understanding of the principles of visual narrative and narrative structure in data visualization
  • for single student (1) a demonstrated competence in at least one; or for a collaborative project (between two students) demonstrated competence in least two of the digital visualization methodologies: (screenshots here to demonstrate process, experimentation, mastery, complications, difficulties and challenges, how these were met – and hopefully overcome)
  • explanation about why particular method or tool was chosen
  • determination of method/tool’s effectiveness in addressing research question

You must meet with your instructor to discuss your ideas before you can proceed with the project

Short in-class presentation of final project  (3-5 minutes long) that is an articulation of research question, reason why this tool was chosen, whether or not it achieved the sought for answer to research question, demonstration of its function/argument as distinct because of the tool/approach

Final project submission is on final exam date–Wed. Dec 16, 2.45pm (HUMN 270

Submission consists of:

  1. artifact ( network visualization file structure)
    1. A submitted artifact includes all necessary files and folders made available to instructor via browser interface.
  2. reflection essay Blog Post #6 (1000 words) that includes a clear statement of your research question and methodology, problems met along the way and solutions
  3. As we have done throughout the semester, you must document the process that leads to the completion of your project. Take screenshots of each significant phase of your project’s development (at least 5 screenshots from design to completion).
  4. bibliography, works cited, webography

You will be graded according to the following guidelines:

Rhetorical Awareness: Argument considers audience, message, and medium (artifact and essay): i.e. Storytelling and accessibility for a public audience on campus and in the region ….25%

Stance and Support: Central claim is duly supported by evidence drawn from the core text, from readings, and from sample projects (essay); i.e.  Evidence of original research 20%

Organization: Clear structure demonstrates presentation of research question, critical analysis through method, and moves logically from introduction to conclusion (artifact and essay).  Clarity of final presentation to the class 15%

Conventions: Competent adherence to usage standards; skillful integration of core text and secondary sources – including citation (artifact and essay) 20%

Design for Medium: Well-chosen design features enhance audience motivation and participation (artifact) 20%

Peer Team Assessment

It is important to provide positive feedback to people who truly worked hard for the good of the team and to also make suggestions to those you perceived not to be working as effectively on team tasks. We ask you to provide an honest assessment of the contributions of the members of your team, including yourself. The feedback you provide should reflect your judgment of each team member’s:

  • Preparation – were they prepared during team meetings?
  • Contribution – did they contribute productively to the team discussion and work?
  • Respect for others’ ideas – did they encourage others to contribute their ideas?
  • Flexibility – were they flexible when disagreements occurred?

Your teammate’s assessment of your contributions and the accuracy of your self-assessment will be considered as part of your overall project score.  Please submit your peer team assessment with your final project as an email attachment to Prof. Faull.