Assignment 5

Assignment 5:


Using the same data, create meaningful visualizations in the platforms  Palladio/Google Fusion Tables and Gephi.

Write at least a 500 word post (and embed illustrative screenshots) that discusses

a) your database construction

b) your analytical visualizations in Palladio/Google Fusion Tables

c) your analytical visualizations in Gephi

d) a comparison between the  platforms, describing what the commonalities and particulars of each platform are, and how the design of each platform affords specific insights into your dataset.  In your analysis, be sure to refer to the metrics of network theory: betweenness; centrality; degree; and eigenvector.  How does one platform over another aid in identifying these metrics?

e) And finally, to what extent has this process of dataset construction and creation of iterative visualizations adhered to Lima’s syntax of networks?

Post your completed blog to the course site under the category “Assignment 5”

Also, save your metadata Google doc/spreadsheet to the folder “Assignment  5″