Assignment 4

 Network Design Critique
Assignment #4 is a writing assignment to be handed in next Monday in class.  You will write a three page (750 word) paper on the topic of narrative and data.  In your essays draw on the arguments of Lima, Tufte, and Segel and Heer and include correctly cited quotations from each secondary source in each of the following sections of your essay.

  • In your essay, discuss the following questions:
    • How important is the intended audience in the design of a data visualization?  Give examples.
    • How does the designer choose the genre of visualization?  Give examples.
    • What is the role of narrative sequence in the visualization (both visual and logical).  Give examples of three different genres of visualization and analyze the different types of  data represented. Be specific.
    • What role does the designer play in the visualization of data?  Can there be such a thing as objective representation of data? Why (not)?