Beginning Palladio

Introduce Palladio

First look at Mapping the Republic of Letters to see what the functionalities are

What kind of questions might this platform be trying to answer?

What kinds of visualizations are possible?

Why do you think these are the functionalities selected for this platform?

Then go to Palladio splash page (give them manual)

Have them load the sample data

Look at the Data view.  Explain what the icons mean. Explain how to extend your data set

Then go to List view; have them create their own list with their own chosen dimensions

Then go to Gallery view: have them create their own Gallery

Then go to Map:  ditto

Then go to graph: ditto  How do you choose which dimensions to graph?  What determines your choice?

How do you save your work?

What is each of the views showing you?

Then go back to data view and have them download the csv.  This is how your data should be structured.  Look at the headings of the columns and the rows.  Palladio is extremely fussy about the way you construct your data and you will get errors and no joy if you don’t follow this as an example.


Over the weekend, read Drucker (and Faull)

Explore these sites

Explore new releases in DH
Which visualization types does each project use?  Which are present in Palladio?  How do you think the data structured and presented?

Be prepared to come in on Monday and show and tell..


Monday, Sept 28

Show and tell time…

Then lab time

Now, go to the Google Drive with the large data sheet in and download it

Load it into Palladio … it’s big, so be patient.

Start constructing visualizations.