Syntax of a new Language

Look at Chapter 5 in Lima–Syntax of a New Language–but first we need to understand what structures these visualizations are emphasizing.

The syntax of networks lies in the relationships between nodes…

Go to and filter by method…  Lima claims this is providing us with a new taxonomy of knowledge…

How is each method arranged?  What is foregrounded in the method?  what is elided?

Arc Diagram

Centralized Burst  (European Networks)

Area Grouping

Circular Ties

Elliptical Implosion

Radial Convergence

Radial Implosion


Segmented Radial Convergence


Then think about your data.  How might you structure it to show different relationships?  Look at the graphic on the course website–should you network your data?

Over weekend–write paper and download Gephi if you have a pc