Bad Visualizations


The intention of this graph is representing if people are willing to pay more for their milk to help dairy farmers. The pie chart is actually the most proper choice to help visualize proportions of each choice out of total sample, but this pie chart is surly misguiding.  Since for this question, there are only two answers, either yes or no, the pie chart is divided into two pieces. However, the proportion of each option takes on the chart can not accurately does not match the actual  percentage.   There are 87% people answers “yes”, which means the majority of the chart should be white correspondingly, but this graph both of them take 50% of the space,which is a mismatch with the actual data.


This visualization is supposed to represent the increment of smart phone user annually. There are three pie chart which are supposed to indicate percentage of smart phone user over total cell phone user at year 2009, 2012, 2013. Although it looks straightforward at the first glance, the pie chart



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