It’s Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea


Two unfortunate, misrepresentative, tea-themed visualizations:



The “Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea” is subjective to begin with, but the visualization above adds to the confusion – dividing the cup of tea into three sections: “20% sweet,” “60 degrees Celsius hot,” and “100% organic.”  The numerical labels initially imply a pie chart, but none of the values are represented with an accurately sized ‘slice’ of the tea, and “60 degrees” is not a percentage value.



In the visualization above, the arguments for “Why Should You Drink Green Tea?” are represented as labeled puzzle pieces forming a cup of tea.  Not all of the puzzle pieces are labeled, making the visualization appear sloppy and unfinished, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason why a particular argument for drinking green tea corresponds to a particular puzzle piece.  The numbers and colors seem to be randomly assigned as well.  The information is more difficult to digest in this visualization than a simple list of reasons for why you should drink green tea.


  1. Katie Faull says:

    I’m having a cup right now…. oh, it’s which piece of the puzzle?

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