Artist x Digital: Dubois’ Visualization Exhibition

It is hard for us to categorize Dubio’s work either in art or in research. To speak frankly, I really appreciate all his works when we understand them by art. My understanding in his work is that he wants to extract the beauty inside data set itself. Among those connections and relations, we can create beautiful graphics and present although useless data (This means useless to public or w/o research value) in a stylish way. His works are visualizations of a process to deconstructing data -> reconstructing data. It provides us a new perspective when we are talking about digital humanity. Digital humanity should not only be limited in “meaningful research” but also be able to deal with creating beautiful arts. Yes, Humanity should be a comprehensive collection like this.

Among his work, I like the visualization of the email connection. Though it is the most meaningless one but it is also the prettiest one. I really appreciate that he writes names by hand. It provides me a feeling of rebel when he is doing this work — he wants to stand in between the digital and traditional. Or if we want a more post-modern style to interpret it. I will say that he wants to deconstruct digital.


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