Assignment 1

“Strife and Power in the Middle East”



This is by far my favorite visualization I have encountered so far. The conflict present in the Middle East is so complex due to the numerous countries involved along with the contrasting principles that several countries abide by. This visualization seeks to simplify the conflict as much as possible. Though there is a lot of important information that must be presented to accurately and authentically visually illustrate the conflict, the visualization does a fabulous job in making it as aesthetically pleasing and simple as possible. Though it is a static visualization, it could easily be transformed into a dynamic one. The creator of the visualization could implement the option of clicking on a country involved in the conflict or on an arrow explaining the negative connection between two countries. After the viewer clicks the country or arrow they could receive an in depth explanation of why it is important to discuss the connection when trying to understand the conflict and view the differing ideologies countries have. This visualization definitely encourages the viewer to understand the material from a variety of perspectives and illustrates how complex the Middle East conflict is.



“I have a headache”


Help-Remedies-Infographic-Full            Help-Remedies-Infographic-Detail-1


Unlike prescription medicine, the power of choice in purchasing over the counter medication often leads many people to spend much longer than expected at the pharmacy. Ignorant to the differences between medication, I often find myself looking for the brand I am most familiar with or the cheapest option. With a vast array of options available, this visualization seeks to aid the consumer in purchasing medicine that best suits their type of headache or desires. Aside from following the lines that lead you to your specific purchase, this is a static visualization as there is little interaction within the visualization. The division of products does not allow the consumer to compare the different types of medication nor contribute to new ways of understanding why the exact recommend medication is best suited for their headache. While I do appreciate the gesture to accelerate my shopping, the visualization is too overcrowded; one has to zoom in due to the abundance of information. The endless lines makes the consumer feel overwhelmed and it feels like the options never really end.

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