Art by DuBois

The work done by Luke DuBois really shocked me last Friday. I literally feel this strong emotion since I am a math major and I have never learn that in such ways data could ever be showed. Unlike my assumption of Data visualization, which is trying to make the data look more beautiful and user-friendly to the reader, the work by DuBois taught me that it is not only a comfortable experience when I see the artful pictures and printing works but also let me find there is a more natural, deep and human nature way to approach the data. People do not read the boring numbers anymore, they see some real “things” in stead. They see the data in a touchable and readable thing.

My favorite one is definitely the map of American based on those words. It is to me more than a map but ironically it works the same as a regular map in my mind. I did not see any difference as my brain processing the date I acquired from the map. Those words were, again, like real things than words themselves and you know that those things stands for some places as you saw them. I also thing this is a very thought-provoking idea to replace some data by its characteristics in future study.

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