Assignment 1-JZ



“Jellyfish visualized an encyclopedia of the arts”

I pick this Jellyfish visualization as my favorite one under the category “music”. This visualization catch my eyes immediately because it arouses my curiosity about what the differences among the jellyfishes’ colors and sizes. The abstract indicates that the six kinds of colors jellyfishes represent six main categories of arts; and each category has several subcategories. This is a dynamic visualization that makes me wants to play with it. As I move the mouse over a dot around the jellyfish, the artists who worked on such category will appear. I thinks it is the glitter of dynamic visualizations that they show some attractivenesses and part of information to audience and motivate them to dig deeper. I also found that when I rolled over a certain jellyfish, the other jellyfishes which are the same color will slowly move closer to this one; and other different categories’ jellyfishes will move away. This point makes the visualization really clear and attracting. This visualization can make a person who did not have enough knowledge of arts before recognize the divers categories about arts and some representative artists.

2.Genealogy of Pop/Rock Music


“This print is a reproduction of Reebee Garofalo’s Genealogy of Pop/Rock Music chart”

This is a static visualization shows abundant data about more  than 700 artists and 30 styles of music. It looks like a mountain, and it also works like a mountain which uses the felling of climbing a mountain to indicate the history of pop/rock music. This visualization makes the history of pop/ rock music more appealing and engaging. The overlapping and parallel lines, along with names of artists and detailed information, presents a complex knowledge net for readers.



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