Luke DuBois – JZ

I was impressed by the work of Luke Dubois. The American landscape, the graph of emails the speeded movie and the word clouds of U.S. presidents of american all left me deep memory.

I think DuBois’ work combines beauty of art and richness of data. The intended effect of DuBois’ work can be that motivating audiences’ interests of culture and connection between arts and history. For example, the word clouds of presidents encourages me to find the relationship between of each word and big events during that time period.

He well used the three elements to achieve the effect. The algorithms is essential when searching and gathering data; such as the most frequent words of presidents. The email connection net is really artistic.

My favorite one is the graph of emails. At the beginning, I thought it was based on geography, then it appears to be about relationships. I started thinking about how will my email connections be like and really want to create my own email connections in the same way. Also, the handwriting makes the digital map more human interest.

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